Dec 8, 2008

Family Weekend

It was family weekend for the Casses. I spent Friday in my hometown visiting with my Aunt and Uncle who were down from New Jersey for the weekend. We walked around the new Homegoods in Allen, went to the going out of business Linens and Things in McKinney, bought a new jute table runner at Pier One for my sunroom (remember that Ikea table - I really need to show pictures now that I painted it!), and generally had a really nice time.

Saturday, we had the whole clan at our house for family dinner. Our house is pretty big, but when you add 4 neices, 1 nephew, my brother, his wife, my sister, her husband, my mom, my aunt and uncle it doesn't feel so big anymore!

Sunday, our pool table was delivered!!! Woo hoo!!!! And then we spent the evening at a different neices Christmas performance followed by dinner with Casey's whole family - including his grandparents who were in town to see the show!

Overall we had a great weekend and were so grateful to see Grandma and Grandpa Parker as well as Aunt Ellen and Uncle John. We are blessed with incredible families on both sides and really love spending time with them!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I just love this time of year as we get together often with so much of the family!

  2. Time spent with family is that to be cherished. My family lives three states away and I am missing them terribly this Christmas season!

    I'm so glad you had a wonderful weekend!

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend!

    ...and thanks for your movie quote answers (I love those two movies especially!).