Nov 5, 2008

A Prayer

I have a lot to blog about so stick with me - I'll probably do a few posts today - the election, Rory's vet appointment, Weigh-In Wednesday, and my Nascar fun from the weekend all need posted on!

After Kappa Prep posted about Poll Watching I contacted my local offices and volunteered.  I worked three days and each day visited three locations in Oak Cliff (for those of you who don't know Dallas it is a primarily African American neighborhood).  I was inspired by the number of first time voters I saw but very disheartened by how little they knew about the man they were voting for.  They were voting for a fellow African-American and couldn't tell you anything else about him.  I also Poll Watched yesterday, though I wasn't able to talk to as many voters.  At the end of the day I stayed to watch the polls close and the ballots sealed and delivered to the regional headquarters.  I sat and spoke with the election judge and election clerk for a bit.  They were both Obama supporters - and both admitted they voted for Obama in large part due to his race (which disappointed me a bit).  Before we left, the election judge asked us all to bow our heads and pray.

She prayed for the future of our nation.  She prayed that our country would have the strength to survive the economic downturn.  She prayed for the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistsan and that the terrorists would not take advantage of Obama's desires for peace.  She prayed for the continued safety of our nation from those who fight against our beliefs and way of life.  She prayed that Obama would successfully navigate the challenges that will no doubt come his way.  She prayed for Obama's character - that he would find God within his heart and realize who was truly in charge.  She prayed for unborn children and their right to live.  She praised God because as a woman who attended a segregated high school in Dallas in the 1970s she never believed she would live to see the day an African American was elected President.  She prayed that God would fill Obama's heart and lead our nation down the path of His righteousness.

To her prayer I add my own.  

I pray that Obama lives us to the expectations of his supporters and he turns this country around for the better.  I do hope for the best for this country and pray for every American citizen to open their hearts to new leadership. I pray that in two years I can say I was wrong because Obama turned out to be an honest President and a man of character.  I sincerely pray that he keeps this country safe and that terrorists don't see this as an invitation to attack with no consequences. I pray our nation is not hurt by his lack of experience and his belief that present is good enough.  I pray that our two party government can survive a period with one party in control as most our government turns blue in just 76 days.  I've been praying for the this election over the past few weeks.  Now that we have new President elect I will now pray to God to grant Obama for safety, guidance, and wisdom. 

We are so blessed to have been born within the borders of this country which grants us so many freedoms and rights.  We all witnessed history with this election and should be proud of our country for turning a blind eye to race - an issue which plagued us for decades - and voting our consciences.  Despite my disappointment and mourning today, I am proud to be an American.


  1. VERY well said. I have yet to mention who I voted and probably never will, but either way, this was a very well written post!

  2. excellent prayer...we all need to say it daily.

  3. This was a great post. Perfect prayer and this really touched my heart.

  4. What a great prayer! This is an excellent post.

  5. Very well said! I agree!

    PS-I can't wait to hear about your NASCAR experience! :)

  6. Amen, indeed. Beautiful prayer. I was also touched by the prayer that you shared with the election judge and other poll watchers.

    I have not even been able to go to Facebook for the past several days because I am SO sick of the political status messages. I had no idea I had so many liberal friends!! (In my own defense, most of my Facebook *friends* are completely random people from high school and my old neighborhood and church in Atlanta.)

  7. Actually as a White American I can understand why a black American would vote during this election for their race. If you have been fighting for equality your whole life how could you not support the person that has beat all those barriers and path the way for all the people that are following behind him. To me this the best thing that could have happened to a multi racial country like ours!!!