Nov 11, 2008

Ikea Fun

I got suckered into going to Ikea today.  They do on day "Seize The Day" sales on Tuesdays and this week they had a set of dishes for $9.99 that my sister wanted.  It was limited to one per guest so Gretchen needed helpers.  I had told her that I couldn't go (a number of times) but she doesn't listen so well.  So, after my breakfast series*, I headed to Frisco.

Casey and I are trying to save money so I intended to be strong.  I don't need anything.  Why buy anything?  

My strength lasted right up until I saw the Ikea ad when I saw this.

 For only $59!!!  My vision for my sunroom was a round table.  But for $59?!?!  

Did I mention I drive a tiny little convertible?  Did I mention it was really overcast this afternoon?  And yet there I was driving down the highway with the top down and my flat pack box hanging out......  Anyone want to put my table together for me?

*Omygosh!  I knew I wanted to go back to school, but I had forgotten how much I love it!  I had SO much fun this morning!  I can't wait to start classes in January.  This morning I went to the second lecture in the SMU Dallas Young Alumni Professional Series.  Professors Simon and Wilson (both of whom I had as a student) spoke on the recent elections and the ramifications.  I was in heaven!

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