Nov 23, 2008

I didn't.

My MIL gave me her treasured family recipe for Thumbprint cookies last week.  I planned to make them this weekend.  I didn't.

I want to make said cookies to take to her on Tuesday or Wednesday as a Thanksgiving surprise.  (She makes them every year for holidays but because of her recent surgery isn't doing any cooking this year).  To do that I planned to go buy a cute cookie tin.  I didn't.

NMB at Puttin' On the GRITS posted her Chocolate Pecan Pie recipe and I wanted to try it this weekend so I could decide if I would bring it to Thanksgiving.  I went to the store and bought ingredients so I could make it.  I didn't.

My bedroom is a disaster with baskets of clean clothes sitting around everywhere (and all of my drawers almost empty.)  I planned to put everything away this weekend and give it the good thorough cleaning it needs.  I didn't.

I planned to read Blink, my book for book club this weekend since I know next weekend will be busy.  I did manage to buy it.  But reading it?  I didn't.

Casey and I are trying to save money so even though I really want these new Ugg slippers  I didn't.  (I did get these similar ones from Target though!  I'm wearing them now and loving them!)

I planned to find paper to back the shelves in my office.  I looked.  And looked.  And searched.  And tried to find something I liked.  I didn't.

I had to call my doctor at home on Saturday because my recently operated on ankle swelled up to the size of an orange.  He told me to take it easy and not walk too much or do too much.  So I didn't.  Hopefully the swelling will be down by tomorrow because I don't want to have to go see him on Monday (He pretty much said if I need to go see him I am back in the boot.  I hate the boot.  I've worn it for months and months.  I can't go back!)

Instead, I spent the weekend buying a new Christmas tree(!!!), buying an ornament for my exchange partner, watching the Cowboys game (woohooo!! still in the playoff chase!), and coming up with some funny blog material for later in the week (I finally went through my google analytics info).


  1. I need to buy an ornament for my partner as well. Just not sure where to get a great ornament!!

  2. Okay, so that was a lot of "didn'ts" but a good list at the end of things you did!

  3. I have those kinds of weekend all the time! Especially the part about the un-put-away clothes!! That is always last on my list and usually doesn't get done. =)
    Sorry about your ankle, hopefully it gets better soon!!

  4. Sounds like my weekend too! Hope all goes well with your ankle!

  5. You have a good reason to rest. Hope your ankle feels better soon (no boot!!)!