Nov 5, 2008

Funny Facebook - What are people saying today?

Patrice at Not Yet a Girl did a great post about friends facebook statuses and I just had to share a few I saw this morning:

For Obama (Sorry the quantity of Obama to McCain was about split but the Obama supporters weren't as funny!)
  • is yes, we did!
  • to anyone who is ´praying for our country´ because Obama won, you´re praying to the same God we´re thanking that he did.
  • Thanking God! I don't have to move to Canada or Europe! Go Obama!
  • is so thrilled about the new President OBAMA and the Dems dominating the house, and senate!!!!! i just continue to hope you people in cali voted NO on prop 8!
For McCain
  • thinks the judgement of this country has gone to shit after the win of socialism & the loss of what this country was founded on, free entrprise &...
  • likes Daniel 2:21, God "removes kings and sets up kings".
  • is thinking Spain looks pretty good right now...thank goodness my degree is in Spanish...I knew it would be handy one day!
  • has decided its not so much the result that bothers her, but the rude liberals who don't know how to win with humility & grace.
  • is pretty sure W just took up drinking again.
  • is ready to slice her wrists with a rusty spoon...which would feel much better than being lead by a socialist.
  • is in mourning....
  • saw this coming just hope it won't be like Clinton's term. I hope I can at least have some respect for this guy once his term is up. (i'm guessing 8 years)
Unhappy About Spreading the Wealth
  • just emailed my boss and asked for a pay cut, i need to work on my short game
  • is looking forward to working less and making more money. Welfare...the perfect job.
  • is celebrating the election results and the new taxes he wants so desperately to pay.
  • is disappointed. And wondering if 'spreading the wealth around' means other people will help me pay off my student loans.
  • was just told by Barack that "we will get there"....sounds like an exciting journey i wonder how much its going to cost me?
Glad It's Over
  • is congratulations! Now can we change the subject!
  • is annoyed at all the fair-weather fans of America. It's the same country as it was yesterday. I'm proud to be an American every darn day. Including today!
  • is glad that people statuses are going to start referring to things other than politics.


  1. I saw a really good one..."Thanking God that I decided to stay home with my kids instead of earning a paycheck that will go to other people. If you want to start spreading the wealth my address is xxxx...."

  2. I might just need to change my status!

  3. lol!! These are good ones! It's so much fun hearing what people have to say, isn't it?! People are just not shy at all about their opinion when it comes to politics!

  4. I loved the one about W taking up drinking again. Hilarious!

  5. Those are hilarious and I have seen some very similar ones too! Crackin me up!

  6. i love the girl who is contemplating a move to Spain... um, newsflash: Spain is a socialist country!

    so silly!

  7. Tee hee!! People just get soooo uppity--either way. Although, I must say, I am one of those who is just asking "can't we all get along?!?" (the answer, thus far, in my experience is, "not so much")

  8. These are great! Gave me some laughs on a day I certainly needed laughs...

  9. Oh my goodness!

    "to anyone who is ´praying for our country´ because Obama won, you´re praying to the same God we´re thanking that he did."

    I love it!!! Soooo true! (Obama supporter here)

    PS- glad to see there is another housewife here in the area!! :) We don't need kids to stay home if it was God's intention for woman's work to be in the home! Amen! :)