Nov 26, 2008

The Funny and the Creepy

threesome blogspot. I like the number three. It was my soccer number all through high school. Despite my love for the number three I am certainly not helping house wife in threesome. The appeal just isn’t there for me. I certainly am not looking for grand parents for threesome with couple and have serious concerns about whoever is. Even worse multiple people have gotten to my blog by searching for niece wants threesome with auntie. Sickos. I’m so disgusted I can’t even come up with something somewhat amusing to quip.  

Apparently my sexiness just oozes out of my blog though. People are all about the sex searches. So for the record. I don’t do threesomes. I don’t swing. So whoever searched for swinging housewife confessions I’m sorry to disappoint you. Actually I’m not sorry. Sicko.

becoming a christian housewife. This is much better. Fits my blog much better. I wish you luck on your journey. And if I knew who you were – I’d pray for you.

dd0f6beb683f4ddb07258fb5865b9e05. Really? You searched for that? Why?

deceased person summoned to jury duty in dallas,tx. Seriously not fair. No one wants me on a jury (and I want to be called) but the dead get to serve? What did I do wrong? Actually, my Dad got called to jury duty after he passed away… but I never blogged about it.

fine looking pics. Thanks.

perfect housewife. I know. Thanks!

wedding gifts in 1970s. Well, I got married in 2006 not the 1970s but I can’t imagine gifts changed too much. Cash, gift cards, dishes, pots, china, crystal. What exactly were you hoping to find?

who made the wedding dress in the movie mona lisa smile? If you find out would you mind telling me?

do newlyweds live in Dallas? Yes.

Fantastic GRE scores. Thanks. I was proud of them! And they got me in. 

sometimes when I am alone I Google myself. Who doesn’t?

dr. pepper rain boots. If you find them, please send me a link (or better yet just send a pair). My husband would die!

I’m a housewife. Good for you.

I couldn’t make this stuff up!


  1. The title for this post couldn't be more fitting!

  2. Hey girl hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving. I left you an award 3 posts down. I couldn't remember if I told you!

  3. I never get funny searches on mine :( Currently my only searches have something to do with "polish pottery"...maybe that should tell me something...I buy too much :)