Oct 27, 2008

Yard Signs

A few weeks ago I ran into my across the street neighbor while I was walking my dog.  She was outside in her front yard doing a little weeding before she stuck her Presidential yard sign in her front flowerbed.  As I was walking up my front drive her very large dog came bounding across the street to say hello (what is it that big dogs have for my dog - they should be nice to the bite-size little one!)  This forced us into an uncomfortable conversation:

Neighbor:  I see you put up your yard sign.
Me:  Yeah.  I got it when I went to te Lake Highlands Republican Womens Club meeting.  Pretty exciting.  (Why are we talking about my yard sign?  Please don't let this become an awkward political discussion.  We've only lived here a few months.  I've never had a conversation with you beyond yelling hi across the street.  Let's not start our relationship off with politics!)
Neighbor: (Awkwardly)  Yeah.  I'm putting up my yard sign today too.   You know that I'm a Republican right?
Me:  Ummmm.  Ok.  (Why are you telling me this? Won't you yard sign tell me this in a minute when you get it up?  Maybe we should end this awkward conversation so you can go put up your yard sign.)
Neghbor:  But my daughter.  Well we just don't know what to do with her.  She just turned 18 a few months ago and we really want to encourage her to vote.  But really, we raised her to think for herself and not fall for all of the hype.  How could she do it to us?
Me:  Well, gee, ummm..... (You make it sound so personal.  Is it personal that your daugher likes Obama?)
Neighbor:  I just wanted to make sure that you knew that my husband and I don't support Obama.  But we do support our daughter.  She has to make her own mistakes you know?  So if us putting up an Obama sign will encourage her to vote, then we'll do it.
Me:  Oh.  Ok.  Well have a good afternoon.  (Why would a yard sign encourage your daughter to vote?  I don't understand.  Not that I want to understand.  I really just want to escape through my front door!)

I overheard her having this conversation with my next door neighbors home nurse today.  Apparently she wants the entire neighborhood to know that her yard sign is a farce.  Weird.  Maybe this would have been easier.


  1. She definitely wants everyone to know that she doesn't support him. What's funny is that a house a couple of blocks from us have both signs in their yard just like your picture. A house divided is what it should say. At least she has a sign to talk about. Ours keeps getting hit with bats or pulled out of the ground. McCain/Palin '08!!!

  2. Great post! I just got Mr. Lipstick to agree to a yard sign...at least a week to go is better than not at all, I guess!

    Go McCain!!

  3. lets hope many of the voters are all talking one way for whatever insane idea -and at the end of the day, in the privacy of the voting booth they will vote their conscience!

  4. I think I would have picked up my dog right then and said, "Um...my dog has a TERRIBLE case of PARVO! Highly contagious, and since I don't want your dog to get it, we better be on our way! Don't want to spread germs or anything!!" And then, you run away as fast as you can before the conversation gets any more awkward! ;)

  5. Oh how weird and awkward!!! I always seem to get trapped in those weird conversations when I happened to run to the garbage bin outside in my PJs and fuzzy slippers. So cute. And since we live on a military post, everyone knows everyone which makes those awkward encounters even worse!!!!

    Go McCain/Palin!!! :)

  6. What an odd convo! Def awkward!

  7. What an awkward moment! Some people are so strange :)

  8. That is why I won't put up a yard sign. Ya know the whole religion and politics thing

  9. Wow, akward! People are so funny about things sometimes... you're just puttin' out your yard sign!

  10. (psssst.... you REALLY should go check out my blog right now... hehe)

  11. What a bizarre conversation...Sounds like their daughter rules the house. I mean, is she the one making the mortgage payment? No?? Then why should she get to put up her Obama sign? Weird.

    McCain/Palin 2008!!!! :)

  12. that is hilarious...i almost went to the lh republican womens club, how have we not run into each other in real life?!

    ps- i love my wine carrier/stopper...thanks you!