Oct 27, 2008


A while back I saw a neat post on someone's blog (and I'm so sorry that I don't remember whose!) She had created a neat Excel spreadsheet where she kept her weekly meal plan. If she wanted to try a new recipe, she would add it a future week with a link to the blog entry she found the recipe on. 

I have always done a weekly meal plan before going to the grocery store, but I did it on scraps of paper not my computer. I've been having trouble keeping up with all of the great recipes I want to try from all of your blogs, so I created a weekly meal plan on my computer. Here is this week (click to enlarge).

I'm not trying any of your recipes this week - but next week I'm trying Brown Eyed Girl's Chili (I bought everything for it this week and I'm so excited to try it!) and if I can find ribs on sale anywhere I want to try Ruby Red Slipper's Sticky Ribs.

I did multiple tabs on an excel spreadsheet so as you all post your delicious recipes I can just plug them in!  So get posting!

I want to know your favorite recipes.  So post a comment and link to your faves -- that you've posted on your blog, that you found online, whatever - I want your ideas!

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  1. This is such a great idea! My boyfriend and I are trying to come up with some way to better plan our meals. This would be great!