Oct 18, 2008

Raindrops on Roses...

...And whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens

Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

TexasLauren77 at Must Love Dogs...and My Parakeet tagged me over the weekend to share 11 of my favorite things with all of my favorite bloggirls!

1. Clothes Shop
The place I buy the most from is probably Anne Taylor followed closely by Nordstrom.  I love the shoe department at Dillards the best though (but not just any Dillard's.  I think most Dillard's are pretty gross but I love the one at Northpark!)  I also really like looking for things at Marshalls and TJ Maxx.  I frequently leave without buying anything, but sometimes I walk out with a $30 Lilly dress, an $11 pair of sevens, or a $4 white RL polo (all things purchased in the last month).

2. Furniture Shop
It isn't a fun post since no one outside of Dallas will know it - but I love furniture shopping at Weir's.  I hate that you can't look online but they carry so much stuff - and it is all really nice!  That's where we got our leather sofa and chair and new kitchen chairs.  It's also where I fell in love with my $4000 Massoud loveseat. I also really like to shop on craigslist.  I've never bought anything off of it (although I did sell my old oven!) but I look almost every day.  Some of the prices are great, and some not too much.  Seriosuly - if you are trying to sell a 5 year old pool table for $3000 you shouldn't list the brand and include a link to the companies website that shows the table new only costs $3600.

3. City
It is isn't exactly a city, but I would say DFW.  There isn't much here for tourists to do (how many times can you go to the Sixth Floor?) but we have great shopping, great food, and my family is here!  I love to travel (I mean I REALLY love to travel and have been to all 48 mainland states and many many countries (9)) but sometimes the best part of going away is remembering what you have to come back to.

4. Sweet
I don't have an all-time favorite sweet - I love variety!  Interestingle, I'm not a huge chocolate person (as in I crave it occasionally but not the way a lot of people do!  I didn't like it at all until I was about 14.) but two of my favorite desserts is chocolate cake with peanut butter icing or red velvet cake with chocolate icing.

5. Drink
Alcoholic - Wine.
Non-alcoholic - Milk

6. Music
I listed to a lot, but mostly country and pop.  

7. TV series
Privileged, Grey's Anatomy (maybe - I'm not sold on this season yet), Numb3rs, Friday Night Lights, 24, and any trashy reality TV (Project Runway, DCC, Top Chef, etc.)

8. Film
Legally Blonde

9. Workout
I had ankle surgery earlier this year and I was on bedrest for a while, then crutches, then a boot.  I started walking again in June and I'm still not up to what you would call working out.  I walk for 30-60 minutes every day with my dog and go to the gym a few times a week.  My gym workouts mostly consist of physical therapy exercises trying to get both of my legs back to a decent strength level.  In the past I played competitive soccer, ran cross country, and I almost ran a marathon when I was 17 (I was registered to run a marathon, trained for it and got up to a 22 mile run.  On race day they wouldn't let me compete because I was 17.  Even thought both of my parents were there and my brother and sister both got to!)

10. Pastries
I love bread.  All bread.  Carbs are my favorite thing. I'm with TexasLauren66 I'm going to refer you back to #4 (I love all sweets!). Which also makes it so evidently clear why I need to do more of #9.

11. Coffee

I tag:
Katrina at My Life as a Married Girl (who may or may not want to distract herself with meaningless trivia - if you don't want to play please don't feel like you have to!)


  1. thanks for your comment, and for tagging me. I will definitely do this, but maybe not for a day or two. =)

  2. How fun!! I feel like I could've written half this list myself! I miss Northpark mall so much! I'm definitely gonna have to visit it when I go home for Thanksgiving! And I love Privileged- It's so good! Grey's Anatomy, too! I've never been to Weir's, but I'll remember to check it out when I need furniture someday!

  3. I was your 1st follower :) yay! Thanks for tagging me :) I will get right on this :)

  4. Just came across your blog, i may have to steal this from you! I like it :0) Loving your blog!