Oct 10, 2008


The Preface: 
I really like my doctor.  He's been great to be thus far - so I'm assuming yesterday was a fluke.

The Background:
As anyone who has read my blog for a while knows - 2008 was the year of the surgery.  I had ankle surgery in March and it was pretty gosh darn extensive.  Since then I haven't had any feeling in my two little toes and down the whole outside portion of my foot.  Except the little singers that shoot out and go up and down my entire leg.  My doctor started off by saying I should give it time and the feeling will come back.  I had my 6 month check-up yesterday and he changed his tune a bit and said I need to start thinking about my options.  So here they are

1)  Ignore it.  Keep praying that feeling comes back to my foot and resign myself to the fact that it might not.  Get used to the nerve shock waves that get so bad they are able to wake me up at night.  

2)  Try a cortisone injection and see if that reduces the swelling around the area enough to untrap the nerve and restore feeling.  The success rate of this isn't very high but it is a good first step because it is a non-invasive localized treatment.

3)  Take a nerve stabilizer prescription.  This also has a fairly low success rate.  For some people they take it a few months and can go off and it and are successful.  Others end up taking it the rest of their life.  Problem 1:  birth control isn't effective when you're on it.  Problem 2:  One big side effect is drowsiness which in many people is so sever they are unable to drive or function in day to day activities.

4)  Surgery.  The surgery would go in and completely deaden the nerve.  This guarantees that I never get feeling back in my foot.  But, it gets rid of the silly nerve pain that shoots up and down my entire leg.

The Story:
So during my appointment yesterday we decided to try the cortisone injection.  I really hate needles and so this was really really hard for me.  The doctor gets everything ready and plugs the needle into the little tube that holds the cortisone - and they come apart.  He plugs them in again - and they come apart.  He tries one more time and they stay plugged together.  He sticks the needle directly into my ankle and starts to slowly push the cortisone in.  If you've never had a cortisone shot you probably won't understand the level of pain and pressure I am trying to describe but lets just say it isn't pleasant.  And I had tears. Lots of tears smudging my mascara.

The doctors phone rings - and he ignores it.  A nurse then comes in and says there is an emergency and he needs to talk to this patient for a moment.  HE STOPS.  HALFWAY THROUGH MY INJECTION.  

I am left in this little room to contemplate more of this torture coming.  Oh my.

He comes back a few minutes later and re-sticks me with the needle and starts to push more cortisone into my already swollen ankle.  Then the needle breaks!  Yep that's right the needle unplugged from the tube while it was inside of me!!! The doctor had to use tweezers to get it out and at this point I was completely freaking out.

Needless to say we didn't finish the rest of the cortisone shot.  Half will just be good enough!


  1. Oh you poor thing! I am tensing up just reading about this. I hope your ankle gets feeling better!

  2. Oh sweet pea.

    You poor, poor thing.

    My heart just hurt for you while I read your story.

    :( What a horrible experience.

    I'm so sorry that happened!

    I hope that he is able to give you some local next time, or at least some meds to calm you. I can only imagine the anxiety.

    I have an innate fear of needles too (see my fear list)

    :( (((((Hugs)))) for you!

  3. You poor thing! All that for a couple toes! Crazy how one little body part effects the whole darn thing...

  4. Ouch!!! I don't blame you for not wanting any more injections. Hubby has to get cortisone injections in the bottom of his feet and it even brings him to tears.

  5. Okay - I too hate needles, and I was getting sick just reading this post. My whole body hurts now - I don't think I would have made it through. Now we'll pray for relief:)

  6. Oh my good gravy, that made me almost vomit!
    Hope you are feeling better...even with a half a treatment!

  7. You poor thing!
    I hate that that happened to you. Try not to let it scare you off from whichever route you really think you should go though. You'll get through it!

  8. I am not going to lie but I was laughing out loud. Not at you but at the entire situation. You are way nicer then me because I would have totally told him what he could do with needle and then pick a new doctor. However, being in the medical field I have learned you have to be picky because there are some doctors I wouldn't let touch me.