Oct 1, 2008

My View: Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Joy Behar

I'll start off by apologizing for not posting a day in the life of a housewife in a while.  I made the decision that a day that goes, wake up, medicate, rebandage, sleep, wake up, medicate, drink some water, rebandage, sleep, wake up, medicate.... just wouldn't really interest anyone.

I realize that I haven't done very many "day in the life" posts, so you don't have a good idea what my "typical" day looks like.  Well - one thing is fairly constant: I watch about 45 minutes of daytime television almost every day.  I like to have the TV on while I eat lunch and normally I watched a DVR'd episode of The View.  It's my daily guilty pleasure.

So with that setup....

I recently stopped wathing The View because I can't handle listening to Joy Baher's nasaly annoying whine.  She keeps repeating the same drivel over and over again and I don't feel like listening to it.  I enjoy listening to Whoopi, Barbara, and Sherri when they talk about Obama.  Although he isn't my preferred candidate, I still respect that he is a leader in our nation and does have some views that while aren't my own are nonetheless valid.  Joy however just drives me crazy.  She just spouts off constantly - and I'm over it.

I watched The View again today because I heard rumors that Elisabeth was leaving the show(thanks Call all the Preppies in for sharing the news - you should check out her blog!) and wondered if they might address them.  (They didn't).  All it did was remind me how annoying Joy is.  Ugh.  

I respect the right to have different opinion.  I believe that fair elections lead to better leadership.  I support the opposing parties right to disagree with me.  I sometimes think the democrats get it right.  That said - I don't beleive ANYONE has the right to demean ANY politician for ANY reason.  Just as Elisabeth Hasselbeck must understand that their is chance that Barack Obama will one day be the next President of the United States of America, Joy Behar must understand that Sarah Palin could one day be the next Vice President of the United States of America.

Our leaders deserve our respect and our support.  Even if the President does not follow the course we beleive in, if their actions remain in the best interest of the country, it is our patriotic duty to be respectful.  We don't have to agree.  We are allowed (and even encouraged) to speak out.  But we have to be respectful.

One of these individuals will one day represent our country and be our face to the world.  Someone should let Joy Behar know that.  She seems to have forgotten.



    One thing I always find funny is that the freedom these people have to say nasty and mean comments about whomever is the same freedom that these candidates represent. Without our political system, these people wouldn't even have the choice to diasgree..what if we lived where your candidate was decided for you? at least we have a choice...ok i'm coming down from my soapbox now...

  2. the show really drives me crazy. i love elisabeth (most days) and feel like they're always beating her up.

    and they all SHOUT on top of each other. you can't hear one person's opinion because the next person is talking over them.

  3. I usually feel so sorry for Elisabeth! All of them talking together drive me nuts! And you are right about Joy's nasal-y voice. Grrrrr! Hope you are feeling better!

  4. Agreed!! I work in an office where everyone has different political views, and it seems like a bash session 24/7--it's like The View, but, in real life. And it's just plain mean!! Why not be respectful and proud that we have a country that has come so far? Why not be proud of our leaders no matter who they are? Ugh, I mean, for a country that was so patriotic just a few years ago, we have gone waaaay in the opposite direction. Which is sad.