Oct 2, 2008

A Long Time Coming

A LONG LONG time ago  -  I hosted a giveaway on my site for my 100th post!  It's pretty pathetic that the winner didn't get picked until post 120.  I thought a week seemed like the right amount of time to give people to enter  and didn't think about the fact that a week put it ending a day after surgery.  When I'm on that many drugs I certainly shouldn't be using scissors to cut strips of paper so that I can draw a name!

I did the drawing this morning  - and the winner is moderneve!

"to be honest, i've only recently started drinking wine and therefore have yet to appreciate truly fine wine. with that being said i always picked up a bottle of that brand bloom (i think it's a reisling) at central market when it's on sale. i just LOVE the pink packaging!"
So send me an e-mail at alexis.cass @ yahoo.com with your preferred colors and monogram and I will get it ordered for you!

I'll also share MY favorite wines.

For Summer:  I really like Sweet Pea Apple Wine.  It is a very light wine that you can just sit and drink.  It is light, fruity, and refreshing.  And at only 7.8% alcohol - you don't feel bad when you drink the whole bottle!

White: I like sweet white like Rieslings and Gewurztraminer.  One of things I like best about both of these - the cheap ones taste good too!  I buy Fetzer Gertz alot as well as a Riesling that comes in a bright blue bottle - can't remember the name.

Red:  I'm a Shiraz girl.  I've given Cabs many many chances and for whatever reason I just don't like them.  Casey and I ended up buying three cases of our favorite Shiraz last year - The Boxer from Mollydooker.  We (luckily) still have some of the 2006 left in storage because we weren't as impressed with the 2007 varietal.  Although we really like The Violinist out of Mollydooker this year which is the white that they make.


  1. Congrats! When I read the comment, I thought you may have gotten moderneve and I confussed, we are so similar!!

  2. Squeal!!! Oops...I am at work, and I totally let out my excitement! This was definitely worth the wait. Email is on the way! And to Kappa Prep - I totally agree sister!

  3. I love our blog and you have been tagged! See my last post! Love, MG

  4. congrats to moderneve!

    don't worry, procrastination is my friend, too.

  5. I'm happy that you are feeling better enough to get it all done!!