Oct 17, 2008

It's Fair Day (and other weekend plans)

Casey is coming home at lunch time today so that we can head to the State Fair of Texas!  

My Weekend Plans:

7:15:  Rise and Shine and Give God Some Glory, Glory!
8:00: Walk and PT Exercises
9:00: Trip to the Grocery Store.  I am having a small group over for brunch on Sunday and need to go to Central Market for fruit and the grocery store for a few other things. 
10:30:  Hopefully I'll be home by 10:30 to get everything unloaded and put away so I have time to get my house straightened up and floors mopped (I cleaned everything but my bathroom mirrors yesterday - but ran out of Windex)
12:00: Casey should be home and we'll leave for a great day at the fair. Jessica Simpson performs tonight at 8:30 and I am so excited to see her.  I'm going to watch the pig racing, look at the quilts, eat a fried smore and a friend peanut butter, jelly, and banana sandwich, and maybe ride the ferris wheel!

9:30:  My Mom is coming over for a cup of tea and a trip to the Market in the Meadow (a craft fair with almost 200 vendors held at the middle school near my house)
12:30: Casey will get home from class (it's his first day of Module B) and we can head to Barkitecture 2008 for a bit of fun with Rory and lunch.
4:00:  Time to party on the boulevard.  I love game days!  We'll spend time with our friends on the Boulevard and then head into the game.  Even though my ponies aren't playing too well this season I have faith in them!  At halftime we'll go to the Young Alumni Happy Hour in Heritage Hall.

Sadly we'll have to skip church (our tour of Dallas area churches will continue next week with Lake Highlands Methodist followed by Watermark the week after that) because at 12:30ish we have people showing up at our house for brunch!  Hosting and then clean up will pretty much be our entire day.  

Anyone in Dallas is welcome to drop by after church for egg casserole, turkey quiche, jalapeno cheese bread, grits, fruit salad, apple bread, and then I'm making pupmkin cupcakes for everyone to snack on during the third quarter of the Cowboys game.  We all know none of the boys will want to leave in the middle of the game!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend!!! Have fun!=)

  2. Um, I'm drooling about your Sunday menu.... Can I have the recipes?!?! Also, not to be stalkerish, but, Forest Meadow Jr. High isn't that far from where I live either!! Have such a fun weekend! Enjoy the SMU game :)

  3. The pig races are the best!
    Oh,and I wake up the twins with "Rise and shine and give God your glory,glory.."

  4. Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful, busy weekend. Have fun and give Jessica a big wave from Georgia for me :)

  5. That fair sounds like so much fun...and jessica Simpson on top of it all?! I'm so jealous!!

    And as for the cowboys...while the Patriots are my first love, I will always hold a special spot for the Cowboys in my heart. I LOVED them when I was little, for no real reason because no one else I knew was a fan. I made my mom buy me a Cowboys Starter jacket...which I wore with hot pink snow pants :) AND I loved Troy Aikman so much I had a giant poster of him on my wall from 8th grade through a few years of college! Random but true :)

    Have a fantastic weekend!!

  6. Sounds like a spectacular weekend! Enjoy!!

  7. You have a great weekend planned. I might run into you at the fair tonight, I will keep my eyes peeled!! Oh, and so sad I already have plans for Sunday because I would love to meet you. I will just hope we are at Watermark together in a few weeks!

  8. Sounds like a busy, fun weekend! Enjoy!

    Left you something on my blog, so go check it out when you can!!