Oct 7, 2008

Christmas at Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn put out their holiday preview today - and I love it!

Last year I got three stockings (2 big ones for Casey and I and a cute little elf shaped one for  Rory) and the matching tree skirt.  I love them both - so classic and will go with any decor theme I choose for the year!
This year I want:
This in my foyer. 
This hanging over my fireplace. 
A few of these on my mantle. 
I just love this natural, woodsy look. 

Maybe by Christmas I'll have fallen in love with a dining room table so I can have two tables to decorate - and a place to display my Christmas China.  It's unlikely considering I've been looking for months and still haven't fallen in love with anything yet.  But a girl can hope!  I would love to do the natural table in the kitchen and still have a place to display my formal table!


  1. Yea Christmas is coming! I love the holidays and can't wait to get out all of my holiday decor and dishes. We've been trying to complete our formal dining room too (great tables are incredibly hard to find) but there's still some time. ;-)

  2. I LOVE Pottery Barn Christmas stuff!!! Love that rug!

  3. i LOVE PB (as you can see on my blog today) and i LOVE christmas!!! what a great post! i would love to have a tree skirt with our name on it. even though i LOVE fall, christmas is pretty much tied in my excitement to whip out the festive decor. great selections!

  4. I love this Christmas stuff!!!

  5. I love love love this Christmas Stuff.. you can make one of those PEACE things at home on wordle.net you can print it out on 8x10 paper and put it in a matted 11x14 frame to make it look bigger..