Oct 13, 2008

A Bit of a Scare

Friday was fairly uneventful - a great dinner out at Tony's.  We relaxed with our wine longer than we planned and so missed our movie and so instead we ended up at home trying to catch up on the DVR.  

Saturday we did some work around the house in the morning - but had to stop in time to watch the TX/OU game.  It's pretty fun to watch a football game when you are able to cheer for both teams!  We went to Happy Hour with friends Saturday afternoon - followed by drinks at Jess' apartment and dinner at Strong's.  It was a great evening.  When we got home (around midnight) I took Rory outside and she was running around like crazy!

I wanted to wear her down so we would have a chance of sleeping so I did what any good doggy mommy does and picked up her frisbee for a game of catch.  Rory has been getting really good at catching the frisbee in the air (which is pretty impressive when you think the frisbee isn't much smaller than her!)  On one of her attempts to catch it, she missed and it slammed into her head.  Casey and I didn't think much of this but did notice it slowed her down and so called her back inside to go to bed.  Casey walked to the back of the house to check and make sure all of the doors were locked and I followed the pup back towards the bedroom. 

We didn't make it far before she stopped walking and started coughing and hacking.  Then she collapsed. I don't mean stumpled.  I mean she fell over on her side.  Her whole little body spasmed and she tried to stand back up.  And she collapsed again.  At this point I am yelling to Casey and I have picked her up in my arms.  We immediately called the emergency clinic where they walked us through checking her vitals (count breathing, count heartrate, check her gums to make sure she is getting oxyegen).  They figured she had a concussion!!  My poor baby!

I was up most of the night with her freaking out with every noise and every cough.  I finally got to sleep around 6.  On Sunday Rory was up and doing well, even demanding her daily walk!  I however was exhausted!  We didn't manage to get much done Sunday - a trip to the pet store for more food (and a lighter/smaller frisbee), a stop at the college bookstore for Casey's textbooks for Module B, a trip to the grocery store, and we watched the Cowboys game (which we don't speak of.  at all.)

Rory has an appointment with the vet tomorrow morning so he can check out the bump on her head and so she can get all of her booster shots.  Please keep my baby girl in your prayers tonight!


  1. awwww-tears came to my eyes. i can't imagine how scared you were. bless her heart! i hope everything is ok. Keep us updated! hugs for rory!!

  2. oh no!

    Sending her lots of prayers and (((hugs))) poor thing!

    It's so scary when our pets get hurt... I'm thinking of you guys!

    Let us know what you find out at the vet!


    *glad to see you on my follower list!*

  3. Oh my goodness...I SO know how you feel! I will keep your puppy in my prayers!!

  4. You poor thing. I would have been a mess. I know how much my dog means to me. I hope she is 100% better.

  5. How awful! You must have been beside yourself... I hope the puppy is better this morning! Best of luck with the vet appointment!

  6. Rory! What a cute name! You must be a Gilmore Girls fan! :) Ahhh, I miss that show.

  7. I hope she gets better! That is really scary. We've never had anything that dramatic happen with our dogs, but, one time I was playing with our little one and she and I smacked heads! It hurt me more than her. I hope your little one is a-OK. :)

  8. Oh my goodness that is so scary!! I hope she gets feeling better soon. Poor baby!

    BTW I left you something on my blog :)

  9. Glad the pups okay! must have scared you just a tad!

    So there's a game you don't speak of as well huh? We don't speak of that Pats game from Sunday night either. And that's all we have to discuss about that.