Oct 5, 2008

Bailout Song

Maybe I think this is so funny because my husband and I both work(ed) in ther business, but when I heard this on Kiss FM I was dying laughing! Check it out. Discuss.

In other news, yeah sorry I don't have any. It was a busy weekend doing house projects - nothing very exciting happened!
  • We got the TV installed in the kitchen (yay!) I love to watch Wheel of Fortune while I cook. I swear food tastes better if I watch while I'm making it.
  • Repaired one of the outside motion sensor lights and changed lightbulbs in most of them.
  • Got the chandelier hung in the guest bath. Now all I need to do is fund hardware I like antique bronze. It sounds like an easy task - but it isn't. Not many places carry the brass anymore and a lot of the ones that do don't have backplates. Why does it matter - well that would be because all of the cabinets and drawers already have three holes drilled. So unless I want to fill them with wood putty, sand, fill, sand, fill, and then repaint, I need backplates.
  • Repaired a hole in one of our eves.
  • Took down the ugly lattice that was decorating our patio. It served no purpose, took away the access to the lights (you couldn't pt new lightbulbs in because the lattice was in the way) and was a great nesting place for creatures. I'm glad it's gone!
  • Went to our first block party as homeowners. Okoberfest was nice - but we were the youngest people there by a few decades. We didn't stay the whole time. Hopefully the neighborhood Halloweed party is better.
  • Watched the Cowboys game. Woo hoo Cowboys. Although they did make it hard to watch --- a game versus Cinci shouldn't have been close.
  • Family dinner on Sunday. It's always nice to go visit the Miller Family Zoo.
  • Now I am blogging while Casey studies - its finals week! He has his accounting final Monday and Economics final on Wednesday - wish him luck!


  1. I heard this song on Saturday while running errands and found it very interesting. Sounds like you had a very busy and very productive weekend.

  2. LOL! Wow, you got a lot done! We just replaced our dining room chandelier and sconces in the hallway to antique bronze! We've always been the youngest in our neighborhoods too, but that's so fun that you have neighborhood parties! Best of luck to Casey!!

  3. What a productive weekend...I wish I could say the same thing for us! :)

  4. Try Elliot's hardware. It's on Mapel. If they don't have the bronze color you need, they can order it.

  5. Here's another bailout song that's a real hoot. Whoever thought you could make the Wall Street mess sound sexy?


  6. and another bailout song...the Bailout Boogie:

  7. how about one that's actually well written, LOL


    I've heard about 10 corny ones on youtube, and 2 ok ones on the radio- John Rich (average song but got noticed cause it was first) and Hank Williams jr. (good song-but a ballad, and a downer without hope)