Oct 8, 2008

Adventures with Rory

I have had this post written for almost a week - and keep not hitting post because I don't want you all to judge me!  But what the heck - you all know I'm seriously flawed so what's one more sin!  So thank you to McMommy whose own post about her shoplifting experience gave me the courage to post mine.


Rory and I went to Pet Supplies Plus today.  It's the only pet supply store that carries my little girls food so we are there every few weeks - and of course we can't just go grab the dog food and leave.  I have to walk through the entire store.  Rory loves this - she gets so excited when she sees where the car has landed her.  She prances down the toy aisle sampling the wares, climbs onto the display shelves in the bedding aisle trying to decide if we are depriving her of the best bed ever, and sniffs longingly as I keep her away from the rawhides. 

 If she is lucky enough to get a Merrick Dental Chew she will carry it around with her through the whole store.  (I wish I had a picture of this!  The Chews are almost as long as she is before I cut them up so walking around the store with a full one she is a hoot!)  

I end up not buying much - a bag of greenies and dog food.  At checkout, the cashier oohed and aahed over Rory and tried to give her a cookie (that of course my picky little eater would have nothing to do with).  I paid for my things and walked out to the car, where I noticed that Rory was carrying something.  Turns out she decided she needed a toy too!

I was mortified when I walked back in to pay for the silly bird.  I've heard people tell of the humiliation of admitting your child shoplifted something - well try explaining your dog is a thief.  I paid for the bird ($9.95 for a stuffed bird!) and we headed home.  Once in the car I learned why Rory liked it so much.  When you squeeze (bite) the bird tummy, it chirps.  It isn't the annoying squeak from most dog toys - it is ten million times worse.  It chirps.  And chirps.  And chirps.  

At least she likes it!  It's her favorite toy (at least today!) 


  1. Your dog is hilarious.

    a felon...

    but hilarious!

    (bet she's in the "doghouse") ha!

    :) great blog! I've added myself to your following list. :)

  2. That's the funniest thing! I literally laughed out loud. Did the store clerk just laugh it off? Kudos to you for doing the right thing, classy lady! ;)

  3. That cracks me up! A doggy shoplifter! (she is beautiful btw)

    I take my dog Abby with me to the store, too. I like to watch her pick out a toy from the toy rack. It is funny how very very choosy she is!

  4. Too funny! You have nothing to be ashamed of....now if you came trecking on home.. maybe. I'm sure you got a couple laughs at the store.
    Thanks for checking me out. I love your blog already! Went ahead and added you to my list :)

  5. Your dog is co SO cute!! My dogs have never shoplifted--I don't think... Although, it wouldn't surprice me.. My husband told me I can't buy anymore dog toys. But, last Saturday he came home with a toy. It's a chicken/rooster, and it makes a very annoying sound as well. It's their favorite toy. For this week anyway...

    Seriously, love your dog. :)

  6. Ohh... she's such a cutie! A little thief maybe, but so cute!

  7. too funny! love your doggy! so cute!