Sep 23, 2008

Yeah. That Just Happened.

Conversation while with Casey's family this weekend:

Alexis:  Hmm... I've never seen that show. I'll have to DVR it.
Casey: And maybe this time you won't delete it before I get to watch!
Middle Brother:  You delete his shows?
Older Brother: Dude...
Alexis:  Should we share what show I deleted that you were so upset about.
Casey: No guys really.  Here I was in New York by myself and purposefully don't watch TV because I think we'll watch together when I get back home.  Only, when I get home she deleted it!
Alexis (louder this time):  Maybe you should tell them what show.
Casey: I mean what type of wife deletes a television show before her husband watches.
Alexis:  In my defense, I deleted 90210.  I didn't think he'd actually want to watch it!  Especially since he talked about never watching it growing up.
Middle Brother:  I'm embarrassed for him.  What type of self-respecting brother of mine would watch 90210 voluntarily?
Alexis:  He watched it because he wanted to spend time with my on our anniversary.  But it was the series premiere and I really loved the show growing up.
Middle-Sister-In-Law: You mean you guys actually celebrated you anniversary?
Casey:  Of course!  We had a really nice dinner on our china with champagne and everything.
Alexis: and then we watched 90210.
Middle-Sister-In-Law: There you guys go being all mushy again. 
Middle Brother:  I thought you were a guy!
(awkward silence)
Older Brother: Yeah.  That just happened.