Sep 21, 2008

Weekend In a Nutshell (Or In-Laws and Drunk Folks)

  1. We had such a nice surprise on Saturday. We knew that Grandma and Grandpa Parker were coming to Dallas for the day and we were going to have lunch with them and they were coming to see our new house (which we were so excited to show them!) What we didn’t know was that Uncle Barry and Aunt Angie were coming too! We all went to Chuy’s for a great lunch.  I truly love my in-laws and it was so great getting to see everyone!
  2. We aren’t going to discuss the SMU/TCU game. I’m not bitter or anything. I’m just saying – TCU may be winners on field but they’re losers in life. Okay maybe not really – but I have to make myself feel better about our lack of a football team somehow!

  3. At the football game adventures: So the game was completely SOLD OUT (which for a game at SMU is impressive. I don’t think Gerald Turner stadium has ever been sold out before) but by the third quarter, the only people left in the stadium were wearing purple. It wasn’t a pretty site. Well during the third quarter I look over to my left and watch this TCU guy completely fall over. His head smacked into the back of the bleacher in front of him and he just sat there. I watched him for a second and then sent my husband over to check on him. Casey tries to talk to him – no response. Taps him on the shoulder – no response. Taps him harder – the guy doesn’t even move. At this point I send Casey up to find one of the campus police while I go look for a pulse (and thank goodness I find one!) The police come over and start trying to rouse the guy and it becomes pretty apparent that there isn’t actually anything wrong with him – he is just passed out drunk – so drunk that he thinks it might be a good idea to take a swing at the police officers escorting him out of the stadium! His balance = not so good and his attempt at a swing sent him falling down the stairs.  Casey looked at me and said "Yeah.  That just happened"

  4.  But my fun with drunk TCU boys doesn’t end there. After the game mercifully came to an end and we no longer had to suffer through such awful football I came within inches (literally inches) of being hit by a drunk driver! Oh me! Oh my! Needless to say I was so happy to get home (and of course needed a few shots big glass of wine after that night!)

  5. I love lazy Sundays! I sat in the sunroom and drank a cup of tea and suffered through enjoyed the Sunday crossword (which I ALMOST finished! So frustrating when I get a few I can’t figure out!) and then went shopping. Aaaah my favorite type of Sunday! We were looking for the built NY lunch bag that my MIL wanted for her birthday and it was trouble! We started at Central Market (listed on the Built NY website as carrying them) and bought yummy produce and (lots) of wine. Total spent: $169.36 Gifts bought: 0. Then we went to Whole Foods (also on the Built NY website). Total spent: $15.09 Gifts bought: 0. My FIL had mentioned seeing them at Staples (not mentioned on the Built NY website) and the third Staples we went to finally had one! Yay!  Here is the one she wanted:

    Then it was off to the In-Laws house for dinner and family time. I can’t tell any entertaining in-law stories though! I actually really like Casey’s family and get along with all of them really well. We had a great evening.

  6. And now we are home enjoying the Cowboys game! Even Rory is in her Sunday gear.

So that is my weekend in a nutshell novel. Sorry it wasn't too entertaining!  But I do love lazy weekends with my husband!

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  1. Your puppy is soooooooo stinkin' cute!! Seriously. I want to snuggle her.

    YEs, the SMU/TCU game was sad. I was working on Saturday, so, I got to see SMU overrun with purple. It was sad.... I'm fairly certain June Jones' house will get TPed in the near future if he doesn't start winning some games.

  2. fyi: the container store also carries built ny products. in case you need to buy another one for a gift...

  3. omg, your dog is so cute! what type of dog is she? she looks like a wolf-yo chiro taco bell! so cute!!! i have never seen anything like her before! i love her pose in that last photo! too cute!