Sep 17, 2008


A fun survey taken from Preppy Little Dress

What time of year did you get married? Late summer
I thought the programs would show the date, but they don't.  We were married Labor Day Weekend - September 2, 2006.

What did the groomsmen wear? Black pin-striped tuxedo from Ralph Lauren
The tuxes.

What color were the bridesmaid dresses?
 Black cocktail dresses (it was actually a cocktail dress from Nordstrom's not a bridesmaid dress)

The bridesmaid dresses.

How may bridesmaids, including maid/matron of honor, did you have? 5 bridesmaid, 1 matron of honor, 1 maid of honor, 4 flower girls (we included all of the nieces and nephews in the wedding)
Me with four of our nieces.  We now have nine nieces and nephews total!

Are you still friends with all your bridesmaids? Yes – although no longer as close with all of them as I would like to be
My beautiful ladies!

Location for reception: country club  Band, dj or other? DJ
Stonebridge Ranch Country Club - actually not the country club I grew up in,
but everyone gets married at Eldorado Country Club and I wanted to be different!

What is something unique about your wedding? My dad passed away when I was 18, and in his memory the  church choir sang during our ceremony.  My dad was (and my still is) very involved in the church choir and music has always been an important time in my life so that was incredibly special to me.  We also didn't’t do floral centerpieces – we had goldfish on every table which I thought was so fun and so beautiful!
The Chancel Choir listening to the saxophone player before the wedding began.

It’s murphy’s law, you know if anything can go wrong it will. What went wrong at your wedding?  My husband was much more interested in cake smushing than I was – and it showed. He got really into – which lead to me getting into because I’m pretty competitive. Casey and I were squirming so much that he ended up stepping on the back of my wedding dress, which ripped out the bustle. Luckily, one of the guests at the wedding happened to have a diaper pin with her (random) which one of my bridesmaids used to rebustle my dress!

One of my bridesmaids fixing my dress while Casey tries to steal a glance up my dress!

Where did you go on your honeymoon?  Greece for 9 incredible days! We spent 2 days in Athens and the rest of the time on the gorgeous island of Santorini. The best trip of my life!

Enjoying a walk along the cliffs in Santorini.

Name one thing looking back you would of changed?I am just not a huge wedding person. My wedding day was fantastic and I truly loved it, but what I love the most is at the end of the day I am married to the man of my dreams!

Stealing a kiss on the balcony during the reception.  I love this man!

Play along and relive your great wedding memories!


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