Sep 24, 2008

Tag! The Randomness of Me.

I was tagged by LyndsAU to share 7 random facts about myself.  Let me tell you that this was really hard.  Fact number 1 should probably to describe how incredibly random I am and the weird and crazy things I frequently do and say (but it won't be because I still want you to all be my bloggy friends!)
  1. I skipped 5th grade (for a number of different reasons) which meant that I started college at 17. I was the only person on the Model UN team that needed a letter from my parents to go to our Canada competition. How embarrassing is that? A freshmen in college and still getting notes from Mommy and Daddy.
  2. I dye my hair brown. Yep – I’m naturally a blonde, but I got sick of it. I slowly started darkening – and love being a brunette! I’m not an airhead (exactly) I just ask a lot of questions – which would make the target of all sorts of blonde jokes. Yep – being a brunette is nice! Too bad it hasn’t stopped my brother and all the blonde jokes.
  3. I love to get and receive mail. E-mail is nice but really there is nothing like having the postman hand me a real letter. (Yes I do know my postman – by name – and know things about his kids and family. What can I say – I’m friendly!) I also love to write cards and have a craft room in my house with SHELVES full of cute stationary to send people. But, I can never find stamps to send my cards (so thanks Preppy Little Dress – prestamped stationary is an incredible Pay It Forward Giveaway!)
  4. Growing up my Mom was a fan of “piles of neatness.” When she cleaned, she would take piles of mail, newspapers, magazines, school projects and put them in a stack and call it clean. I can’t handle that. I like my house to be very clean and very orderly. Everything needs a home and it drives me crazy to see “junk” lying around. Casey calls me anal and OCD – but I’m okay with that. (And I guess its true. All of my cupboards are perfectly aligned and could switch to open shelving today with no need to clean. My closet and drawers (including panties and bras) are all organized by ROYGBIV. Perhaps just a bit anal – but I like it that way!
  5. I love lists. And post-its. I make lists for everything. Going to the grocery store: make a list. Christmas lists: make a list. Dinner plan for the week: make a list. Making a decision: pro-con a list. I carry a list in my purse with measurements for different walls in my house (in case I see a picture of piece of furniture I love.) Lists of books I want to read. Lists of baby names I like (and I’m years away from needing). Lists of …And now – I’m making a list of my recent lists. Oh my.
  6. I’m truly a nerd. One of my favorite smells if of new books. The smell when you walk into the library. Mmmm. Barnes and Noble. Mmmmmm. I read A LOT. And I’m a fast reader. Which is getting expensive. I’m getting a library card this afternoon. (It was supposed to be yesterday afternoon but instead I got stuck by needles. Fun.)
  7. I love to take baths. Soaking in a warm bath tub with a magazine (or trashtastic book) and glass of wine is my idea of a perfect evening. Too bad the master bathroom in the new house is lacking in all things master. No baths for me.

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  1. I love lists too! I make a to do list every single morning...

    I also have lists of baby names, groceries, new stores, shows to watch, new songs, etc etc...

    I'm glad I'm not the only one.

  2. I am the ultimate post-it note nerd too!! My school district gave us all a post it organizer filled with different sizes of post-its! I was so excited, it was stupid. =)
    Also I love me some trashtastic books, getting mail, and making lists... ha ha.

  3. I love the smell of books too!!! I get lost in Barnes and Nobles for hours!