Sep 15, 2008

Rain Rain

Ever since my ankle surgery, my left foot is a tad bigger than it used to be.  It isn't a different shoe size, but some of the things that used to fit and be comfortable aren't anymore.  One of the victims: my rain boots.  

So now I need a new pair.  BUT they need to be comfortable.  I'm still only able to wear a heel for an hour or two before my ankle swells up and so spend most of my time in Merrells, Eccos, Keens, and other comfy brands.  Pretty much I have gone from a girl who wore heels with everything - to a girl who wears hiking sandals.  So, lets talk rainboots!  

I need them to be comfortable and I want them to be cute.  Does anyone have a pair or brand they love?  I'm thinking about these:

1) Pammie by Coach
2) Hunter Original in Lilac
3) Zudora Lace Up (from Target - and by far the cheapest option)
4) Bean Wellies in Signature Plaid
5) Keen Palmero Boot (certainly not the cutest but I know Keens are super comfortable - they are on the list of brands my doctor recommended I wear for the first year after surgery)

Any other options out there?


  1. The Hunter boots are great! You can even get this amazing warmer socks in different, fun colors to wear with them and fold over the edge!

  2. I have Juicy rainboots, but sadly they're not the most comfortable. I also have payless rainboots (the brand is American Eagle), but I haven't worn them yet, so I have no idea if they're comfortable! Good luck, let us know what you decide!

  3. I love the Coach ones and the Target ones. Both might be nice :) I need a pair to, let me know if you find some you love :)