Sep 16, 2008

Pot in the Parking Lot

I was accosted at Target.  No I mean it.  And given a pot.

A few weeks ago as I was walking in to Target, this very nicely dressed preppy woman grabbed my arm and wouldn't let go.  She pulled me over to car - which happened to be a Cadillac Escalade with a monogram.  Okay so I'm no longer quite so freaked out.  How bad can a woman with a monogram be?

She then starts talking.  The general idea of her tirade is that we all need to take care of the environment and go green.  I buy that.  

I use my collapsible basket at the grocery store.  
I recycle.  
I don't litter.
She goes on for a few solid minutes about the horrors of the earth and how awful we as a a human race are for not being greener.  Mind you - she never gives specific tips for going green.  She doesn't say people should use refillable water bottles instead of always carrying around a Fiji.  She doesn't talk about recycling.  She doesn't give any specifics at all.  She just keeps repeating that we should all go green.  

She then hands my a pot.  Really a pot?  What does this have to do with going green?   And a bag of oregano seeds.  
I think she might be confused on exactly what go green means.    

Although I am actually trying to grow my oregano.  I figure why not - it was in a sealed bag.  So here is my question:  What am I doing wrong?  My oregano isn't soing well.  I know it needs water (check), 8 hours a day of sunlight (check), decent soil (check), a pot (check) -- what am I missing?  I normally do really well with plants and have my sunroom full of potted beauties, but this oregano isn't healthy!


  1. i can't help you with this because i have a black thumb!

    but... i think this woman is crazy! and i love your collapsible basket of course!

  2. I am going to be of no help as I am not a gardener. I do hope to be one some day when I move out of my apartment though!

    That woman sounds os intense! What Target were you at and what pair of rain boots did you decide on???

  3. A little creepy I would say about the lady. However, are you 100% positive it is oregano? I have a black thumb too!!!