Sep 14, 2008

Pay It Forward

Well here is how the chain goes:

Julie over at Belle Maison did a recent post about Paying It Forward (I absolutley love that movie!)  We should all be able to do something kind without expecting anything in return.  To remind us all of this, she started this little game.  The first three people to post on her blog received a cute little gift from her.  (From her blog: "The little something that is sent can be something you made, bought, were given or found. Just make sure it's something that will make the person smile!" )  One of those three people was Trina at  La La Lovely.  She in turn payed it forward to silverhartgirl at  Taking The Time Top The Bubbles who payed it forward to Preppy Little Dress.  I was lucky enough to be one of her winners and now I want to Pay It Forward to you!  This is my first giveaway and I am so excited to have it be one that reminds each of us how important the little things we do are.  So, the first three people to comment on this post will get a little something from me - on one condition.  They have to agree to Pay It Forward to three more people.

Update:  We have three winners!  Congratulations to Mrs. Guru, Blue Eyed Bride, and Katrina.  I will be e-mailing all of you soon to get your addresses. Don't forget to pay it forward!


  1. Like the post! Will have to go read the original Pay It Forward so I can see what it is all about!! Oh, love reading your blog!!

  2. don't include me with this, but reading your post makes my "pay it forward" post look like chopped liver! ha! ha!

    i have always had a problem following directions! ha!ha!

    good luck to the 3 winners [i am not inlcuded in this giveaway]

    :) PLD

  3. this is such a great idea! I think it's also really cool to see how this blogosphere comes together and how everyone is linked.

  4. I know I'm not in the first three, but what a great idea! I may have to do it anyways! =)

  5. Hi there! I'm so thrilled that you continued the pay-it-forward chain :) It's been so much fun! And thanks for the nice comment you left on my blog. I'll plan on posting about how to refinish and paint old furniture in the near future.

  6. What a fantastic idea!! Thanks for sharing :) May just start my own --