Sep 2, 2008

Our Second Anniversary

The picture is of Casey and I on our honeymoon in Greece. Two years later and we are still newlyweds – sickening isn’t? It’s incredible how two simple words can change a relationship forever – and ours has been changed for the better forever! Our happily ever after most certainly hasn’t ended. We live it every day. In honor of said anniversary – here are some of my favorite wedding pics!
The last two years have been an adventure. We’ve had up and we’ve had downs and we don’t always know what tomorrow will bring. Sometimes Casey has a bad day at the office. Some days I get needy. We slip up some days and take out our frustrations on each other. We have gotten in crazy silly tiffs over buying the house and deciding how to spend our decorating budget. But the good news? It’s only silly things we fight about – and neither one of us stays mad for long!

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  1. beautiful photos, i am sure you will cherish them forever!

  2. Happy 2 year anniversary :) Beautiful pics!