Sep 18, 2008

Man Voice

I've mentioned a few times before (but never really explained) that I am having surgery next week. And I am freaking out a bit. What will my life be like when I lose my man voice?

If you've been following my blog at all, you probably know that I stared it right after I had ankle surgery and was dying of boredom during 6 weeks of bed rest (6 weeks of having my husband wait on me hand and foot was rough!). That was my first major anything health related and I was incredibly unhappy about it. I am still working on the recovery from that surgery. My ankle still swells if I walk for too long (which, much to my husband’s dismay, hasn't helped us save money by keeping me out of the mall). My nerves still haven't all recovered - as in I still don't have feeling in a large section of my foot including two of my toes. I still do physical therapy (and if the interrogators need help down at Gitmo - my therapist would be up for the job - the things she makes me do are pure torture!)

Well, this summer I asked my doctor a question about another problem I've been having. For the last few months I have had a man voice. It isn't that husky sexy voice. I'm not that lucky. It's husky man voice.

Apparently it’s also a pretty big deal. I could be doing permanent damage to my vocal chords. It's also gosh darn annoying because man voice is accompanied by an incredibly painful throat. (Hence my ability to lose weight by drinking all sorts of water -- 12-15 glasses of water today lately because it makes me throat feel better!) It also comes with days like today where my throat hurts so much that I end up curling back up in bed and forgetting all responsibilities in favor of a sick day.

So after all sorts of tests (MRI, CAT scan, video camera down my throat, video camera up my nose and into my sinuses) the fancy surgeon man decided I needed surgery. Isn't that interesting that the guy who gets paid to perform surgery also gets to decide if you need surgery.

Anyway I am having a week from today. I don't do doctors. I don't do hospitals. And I certainly don't so surgery.

Only apparently I do. And I'm doing it for a second time this year.

P.S. My ankle doctor mentioned at my last visit that we might need to do another surgery on my ankle to repair some of my nerve damage. Things to look forward to.


  1. OH MY! Surgery is always so scary!

  2. I am so sorry! Keep us updated on the progress. That just plain sucks!

  3. oh no. i'm so sorry. hopefully you'll feel better about getting the surgeries out of the way. keep us in the loop.

  4. LOl, you sound like me. I really am the worst patient. I refuse to go to any doctor period. Of course this has lead me to get pneumonia 3 times in the last 3 years. At one point they even wanted me to be admitted. I laughed and told him no way.

  5. Oh, my God. I'm so afraid of any operations. You never know what the result will be and it makes you more scared.