Sep 16, 2008

Little Rituals

I should start this out by saying that I have never lived on my own.  During college I lived in the dorms and the sorority house.  After college I moved home for a few months while I finished planning my wedding and then (obviously) I've lived with my husband ever since.  But I have to say, that part of me cherishes the alone time when he is out of town.  Don't get me wrong - I hate that my husband travels.  When he is gone, I will call him not because anything happened or I have anything to say, but just to hear the sound of his voice.  And don't get me started on trying to fall asleep in the bed alone. 

That said, I love my little rituals.  Whenever Casey is out of town, I make sure to schedule a spa day for myself.  It gets harder when he travels multiple weeks in a row (like this month) but I cherish my spa days!  I also love being able to spend an hour in the bathtub with candles lit and a big glass of wine in my hand - with no one wondering where I am or what I'm doing or how much longer I'll be or when dinner will be ready!**

For those of you who are married - what little things do you miss doing by yourself?  For those of you who aren't - what are your little rituals that you cherish?

**Disclaimer:  Casey is a fantastic husband and totally understands that I need this time to myself - and has even been known to draw bathwater and pour me wine when I've had a really rough day - but (especially now that I'm not working) I feel a bit guilty taking that much me time at night.  Between his classes, my workout schedule, girls nights, DG Alum events, family obligations, etc. we already lose enough weeknight time that I feel bad taking another night to not spend with him!  If I feel guilty about it at all - spa time and bubble baths just aren't as relaxing so I cherish them most when he is gone.


  1. You are certainly lucky to have such a wonderful husband and to get to frequent the spa! Something I cherish is the quiet time right before bed. I love that everything is so quiet and still. I also really enjoy watching weekly TV shows with my roomie, when I have to work late and miss out I am always sound sad. Oh, and by the way my roomie is also a DG alum!!!

  2. good question! i love having control over the tv remote and being able to watch whatever i want. and as hard as it is for me to sleep while he's gone (i usually keep all the lights on and sleep on the couch where the tv is) i do enjoy having the whole bed to myself :)