Sep 14, 2008

Kooze Divas

Today Casey and I went and walked around Third Monday Trade Days in McKinney, Texas and enjoyed the nice day.  While we were there I talked to the Koozie Divas for a while and ended up buying this  (I really wanted this but they were sold out in my letter.)  I am super excited about it.  I drink A LOT of water.  And when I say a lot I really mean a lot.  (Mostly I drink this much because I am having trouble with my throat - more about that later when I blog about my fear of hospitals and my fear of having yet another surgery.)  I always have a bottle of water in my purse and I really hate with the bottle sweats and gets things wet.  Hopefully this will keep my purse dry!  


  1. I love it. Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'm thrilled to have found yours!