Sep 24, 2008

Keep Peruna Running

Dear Esteemed Friends, Alumni and Lay People,

It is with deep-rooted concern for the health and well being of our beloved mascot, Peruna, that this fund raising campaign originated. All of God's creatures require proper exercise to promote circulation, muscle and tissue growth and healthy mental outlooks.

We understand it is tradition at Southern Methodist University for Peruna to run the length of the field after each SMU score. However, seeing that once again this season's Mustangs cannot put any points on the board, Peruna is once again left waiting anxiously in an endless game of "tease the pony"; being restrained by two students praying he will not break free to run with the opposition as they score at will on any given Saturday.

Please join me in making a contribution toward the "Keep Peruna Running" campaign. 100% of your donation will go to purchase a specially designed treadmill for Peruna that will be placed behind the North endzone. This will allow our mascot to get the exercise he needs and deserves, all while watching the game anxiety free. Your generosity will keep Peruna running regardless of SMU's score, or lack there of.

It's clear our financial resources cannot help the SMU football program, and now it's time we Pony Up for the Pony! Please forward this to your SMU friends and family and anyone you believe would be interested in our campaign.

Thank you for your support,

Jack Mehoff II

Founder: Keep Peruna Running


  1. this is hilarious and if i had attended SMU i would give some money! :)

  2. Ohhh nooo!!! I love Peruna! Poor little thing needs to run!