Sep 10, 2008


I absolutely cannot believe my dog.  I should start off by saying that Rory is completely spoiled.  I mean like really spoiled.  She is my love.  A perfect little 6 lb ball of joy.  And as such - she has her own about me on our webpage, her own facebook profile, her own contact info was included in our we've moved cards, etc,I tell you all of this to admit that I think I have created a manipulative little monster.  

With Casey our of town I decided to spend some quality time with my mom and so went up to her house on Monday afternoon to spend the night.  Tuesday morning I have plans to go run some errands with my sister (who lives in the same town as my mom) and, since Mom's house doesn't have a puppy room to leave Rory in, I leave her outside.  Before I left I gave her a few toys, food, water, you get the idea.  While I'm out and about it starts to rain and I feel a bit guilty that my little girl is outside but I figure that their is a big covered patio and her crate both outside with her so she can stay in out of the rain.  When I get back to Mom's I feel a huge sense of relief.  Rory is running around outside in the rain and looks like she is having so much fun.  

And then she sees me.

She immediately starts crying.  And shaking.  And crying.  She has this really high pitched whimper that she makes when she gets hurt. When she pulled too hard playing tug of war and fell off of the bed - high pitched whimper.  When the bee she was chasing in the park turned on her - high pitched whimper.  When she would run too fast at The Loft and slide across the concrete floors into the wall - high pitched whimper.  You get the idea.  This sound is reserved for pretty serious pain.  

Until yesterday.  As soon as she saw me she she gave me the high pitched whimper.  As if to tell me "How dare you leave me outside in the rain!  Of course I'm hurt.  I'm wet.  And it is all your fault."

I of course wrap her in a towel and start giving her a puppy exam thinking something must be wrong.  But no, she was just that upset.


  1. Awww - how funny! Sweet little doggy! :)
    Thanks for signing up for my blog - woo hoo - I love knowing my readers. I am happy you are living the "stay-at-home" life right now. Enjoy it!

  2. Precious! It's amazing how they communicate with us isn't it :) ha

  3. She is adorable! Is she a husky? =) We have a husky... she is super high maintenance. lol.

  4. She does look like a husky - but she is actually an Alaskan Klee Kai. The personality and looks are very husky like - but she is 6 lbs.