Sep 11, 2008


I think Puttin on the G.R.I.T.S. said it best: there are some things worth fighting for (and I absolutely love that song!)

I haven't forgotten.  I walked into 1st period Calculus and started talking to Jesse, who sat behind me.  He had heard on KISS FM this ridiculous bit about war and couldn't believe they would air something like that.  He went on and on about how inappropriate it was.  By the time the final bell rang, the entire class was piping in and wondering how everyones favorite radio station could have aired that (no on else in class had heard it).  Mr. Christian turned the radio on to hear what it was we are talking about.  And we all sat in silence as we learned it wasn't a radio bit gone wrong.  Mr. Christian turned off the radio and turned on the television.  Calculus was forgotten for the day. 

We sat in horror and watched together as the first tower fell at 8:59 Dallas time.  We continued watching not knowing how to respond when a third plane crashed, this one in Pennsylvania.  We were still sitting in that room watching when the second tower fell at 9:28 Dallas time.  When the bell rang to go to second block, we were all still in shock.  

My second period economics teacher, Mrs. Presley, wouldn't turn on the television and insisted on holding class as usual.  Until the principal walked into the classroom.  Three of the students in that class of 20 (pretty high number - remember this is Dallas people) needed to go to the office and wait for their Mom's.  He wouldn't say anything else.  We later learned that 2 of those 3 students lost their father in the attacks.  One was lucky, his alarm didn't go off in his hotel so he was running late to his meeting.  

The rest of the day was spent worrying and watching the news.  No one knew what would happen or what was going to happen tomorrow.  I was worried - my sister was stationed near Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany working in the Army's lab.  I was a Senior in high school and my world fell apart.  I don't know the exact number but a lot of the guys in my graduating class enlisted in the military immediately after graduation.  A lot of the guys did ROTC and are currently serving their country both at home and abroad.  We were Seniors in high school and everything changed that day.

I haven't forgotten.  Have you?  The wonderful guys and gals serving our nation and defending her haven't forgotten. Have you?  The people who lost loved ones that day haven't forgotten. Have you?

A number of people in our nation seem to have forgotten - but some things are worth fighting for.  

God Bless the U.S.A.


  1. I definitely have not forgotten ... I couldn't watch the music video you posted bc I have already cried for an hour in the car when I was travelling listening to the radio

  2. I'm more proud of our country each day!