Aug 13, 2008

New Sofa

Our new sofa and chair was delivered the day before we left for vacation so I didn't have time to get pictures up - but here it is! We absolutely love it - super comfortable AND looks good! The sofa is actually a recliner and the chair is a rocking recliner - no corners cut here. You should come over and have a glass of wine with us - we promise you won't regret it.

As you can see, the old loveseat and ottoman are still in the room, as are our very very modern end tables from the loft. We have some more shopping to do! We found one loveseat we liked, but at almost $3,000 it isn't the answer. We are taking our time and making all of our purchases very slowly because we want to be 100% positive that each thing we buy is exactly what we want (hence the two year search for new kitchen chairs - that we still haven't found!)


  1. I am now coveting this :) Amazing!

  2. Wow really nice collection of Sofa Recliner for your living room seating.