Aug 20, 2008

Johnston & Murphy Womens

My husband has come a long way in fashion. He is not a trendy guy - but likes classic well made things. It wasn't that long ago that his boss commented about the Skechers he wore every day to work. Casey thought that since they were black they were dress shoes and therefore appropriate. When he had enough of the teasing at work he asked his Dad for a shoe shop suggestion and we ended up at Johnston & Murphy. Since then all of shoes for both work and weekends have come from there. He has one pair that we have bought multiple times! They look nice and are comfortable - what more does a guy need.

Lately, I've been really jealous of his ability to walk into J&M and buy a pair of shoes. Ever since my ankle surgery, I have to be really careful what I put on my feet and have given up fashion for comfort (and for a girl with over 150 pairs of shoes - most of them heels - its really hard!) Today I got an email from J&M announcing there new womens line! Wow! I wonder if the womens shoes will be as well made as the mens.

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