Aug 26, 2008

It's Bad. It's Very Bad.

I (once again) have no Internet. AT&T and I are in the midst of (yet another) showdown. In case you had any doubt, I will win. This no Internet thing is unacceptable. Last night I spent my evening on the phone with them explaining why Wednesday wasn't an okay day for a tech to come out. Really - when both the Internet and the TV are out how could they possibly think that coming out on Wednesday would make me happy? AT&T eventually conceded and someone will be at my house between 2 and 4 today.

Them coming at 2 gave me just enough time to run the one errand today I really wanted to accomplish. I was planning on going to Elliott's Hardware today to look at hardware for my bathroom cabinets and hopefully getting the bathroom cleaned and put back together today. Casey re-installed the toilet yesterday and I found a shower curtain and I am ready for the project to be done.

So, after my morning walk and cup of tea, I go get in the car to head out shopping. BUT - I have a nail in my tire. There go my plans. Now I get to enjoy the hospitality of Discount Tire for a while so they can give me a new tire.

On the brighter side: Discount Tire has wireless so I can check my e-mail and read my blog roll.

Edit: AT&T actually showed up. On time. To the first appointment we scheduled. I am in shock. Such a pleasant experience. And now I can sit on my a@@ reading blogs and watching television just the way I want to (if only someone was around to finish my laundry and make dinner so I really could enjoy!)

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  1. Oh no!

    I hope it all works out for you. I hate the cable company...we have it out pretty regularly.