Aug 28, 2008

Housewifery Among Professional Women

Hmmm….. This Business Week article tries to determine why so many highly educated women in business choose to stay at home. One of the things brought up in the article are the statistics for women in different fields.

“By the time they are 15 years out of college, 28% of the Harvard women who went on to get their MBAs were stay-at-home moms, compared to only 6% of women who got medical degrees, the authors found. The study also looked at the career paths of Harvard women who became lawyers and found 21% chose to stay home with their children.”

Wow! So burning out as a woman with a job in investment banking isn’t so odd. I feel better.
And this made me feel even better. Being a stay-at-home is actually making us money. Here is how I figure it.

"Men who are in the upper ranks of their profession with stay-at-home-wives earn 30% more than men who are married to women who work. Those men who want to reach the highest rungs of their career and earn the most money often need a stay-at-home wife to take care of all other aspects of their life, including raising a family."

Well, when I was working, I made less than 30% of Casey’s salary. (Yeah he made that much more than me – it made leaving easier when we realized what a small portion of our budget I was!) So now that I am not working he should increase his salary by 30% - which would put our combined income higher! So yay me for not working!

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  1. Amen to that post, sister! I am gonna print it out and stick it on the fridge for my hubby to see :)