Aug 11, 2008

A Great Trip

We got back from vacation yesterday and it was wonderful! We spent a week in Ormond Beach, FL with family at our newly purchased timeshare (and yes it is true – we really did by a beachfront timeshare for $0.01 on ebay.) It was great sitting on the beach, relaxing, and not doing much else! A much needed week of fun before Casey starts school.

And then went to Charleston, SC to visit Matt and Kathryn. We had an incredible time visiting with them and can’t wait to go back and got to explore Charleston! Making a stopover was a delicious decision.

We came home a bit early (left Charleston after dinner on Saturday and drove all night to get back to Dallas) because our puppy wasn’t doing well. The wonderful folks at The Dog Lofts were doing all they could to keep her happy but she wasn’t eating. When we got home she was down 0.4 lbs from her max weight. Now we need to work on fattening her up!

We’ll get pictures from Florida up soon!

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