Jul 10, 2008

Breaking It In

Or perhaps just breaking in.

We have owned a house for 8.5 days and we already going to have to break in.

We are still exploring the house and learning what all of the switches control and where all of the lights are so while I was waiting for Casey to lock all of the doors, I stood in the garage and looked at the controller. It has three buttons: one button opens/closes the garage, one turn the light on/off, and the other is a toggle that says lock/unlock. I changed it to locked and nothing happened - the garage would still open and close and the light still turned on and off. I switched it backed to unlocked - still no change. I switched it back and forth a few more times, decided it must not do anything and went and got in the car.

We left to run to Home Depot (ironically we went to Home Depot and bought new locks for all of the doors - the house currently has a key for every door - no two are the same!) When we left our clicker put the garage door down as usual.

When we got home - the clicker wouldn't work. We pushed and we pushed with all of our might and still the clicker won't make the door go up. We walked around to the front door - the only door our keys work on - and realized we had locked both deadbolts. The bottom deadbolt can be opened with a key, but the top one will only open from the inside. We called a family friend who owns a garage door company, and Dorian couldn't help us. They make a garage door opener that locks - but no dummy override. Every door in our house has a double deadbolt. Every window is tightly latched and locked.

We are completely 100% locked out of our new house.

Tomorrow a new adventure: breaking a window in our house to get in. I think I'll wear all black, leather gloves, and perhaps a ski mask. If I;m going to break in I might as well do it right!

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