Jul 15, 2008

AT&T Saga - Try 2

Aaargh! Our internet was supposed to be installed today. I cleared my whole schedule so that I could be home from 12-2 during their arrival window and then be around during the 4-6 hour install. But they didn’t show! After multiple hours on the phone the best resolution AT&T could come up with was a $100 credit and installation on Thursday. All I can say is U-Verse had better be incredible!

On a brighter note, I did our final walk-through at The Loft today and they said everything looks great and we will get our full deposit back. Woo hoo! They made a few comments about how impressed they were with the cleanliness - Claudia is the best! If anyone is looking for help with housework I adore her. She cleaned our house before we moved in, helped on moving day (I thought she would be a translator but she also lifted and carried and really worked hard), and she has cleaned The Loft so that we could get our deposit back. We still have to patch a few holes in the wall and go back to The Loft to pick up our water filter and our DishNetwork stuff so I didn’t turn in the keys yet – I think we’ll wait until Thursday to say good bye.

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  1. It's hard to move out of your first place! I DESPISED our first place for a long time! We lived in a trailer, of all things, which I said I would NEVER live in! Anyway, we lived there our first 3 years, it was out in the country, peaceful, and we had the sweeeeetest little old man and wife landlords! To this day, when I go to Ada for different occasions, I can't drive past there with almost tearing up!!