Jun 16, 2008

A Relaxing Week

I just got back from a great week in New Jersey with my Mom. We flew up on Monday, in time to attend Aunt Joyce’s retirement party on Tuesday night. She had no idea we were coming and was so so surprised to see us! It was really special to share this time with her and celebrate her 32 years of teaching in Delaware Township, New Jersey. I was only 2 when we moved away from New Jersey and so didn’t know very many people (but they knew me!) My Mom really enjoyed catching up with many of the people she taught with in Delaware Township 20 years ago.

There was only one thing that dampened our fun on Tuesday:

Tuesday morning Aunt Ellen went out to turn on her car which she hadn’t driven in weeks (must be nice to be retired!) When it wouldn’t start Uncle John called AAA but it turned out the battery was dead. Uncle John replaced the battery and then Mom and I were on our way. We didn’t get far before we realized the A/C was blowing hot. We pulled over and put the top down but that just meant we cooked in the pounding sun and crazy high humidity. Someday when my future kids complain I can now say – I remember when cars didn’t always have conditioning.

After our adventures on Tuesday we had a relaxing rest of the week. We took long walks on the boardwalk, sat on the beach, read our books on the porch, went shopping, saw Robbie’s townhouse, spent time with the Leahy boys, saw the Leahy’s new house, etc. It was really a great week!

A big thank you to Aunt Ellen and Uncle John for so graciously hosting us for the week!

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