Jun 30, 2008

Getting Close

What a day! Today was a crazy day of getting ready for the new house. I started off working on our finances for the loan. We needed to liquidate some money market funds to use for our down payment. I then worked on the wiring instructions for the bank. We met with our mortgage broker, Blake Priest, from Park Cities Mortage, who went over the settlement statement with us and helped us understand what exactly we are paying. In between all of this money talk, I met with our painter, Jason Rock from DFW Painting, to go over everything one last time before they start work on Thursday. He wanted our final color choices - but I didn't have them yet so I will have to get that to him on Thursday. Then I bought a microwave at Rodenbaugh's in Allen. We made the decision to pay a little bit extra and get one that would be built-in rather than one that would just sit on the shelf - here she is. Looks very similar to our ovens (which is good since they are on the same wall!) The microwave, ovens, and fridge will all be delivered Thursday afternoon.

Here is also a picture of my new kitchen television:

Count Down til Closing: 39 hours
Count Down til Moving: 12 days

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