Jun 29, 2008

3 More Days

In three days we will be homeowners. It's really hard to believe that we are old enough to be doing this - but we are. Today we went out and looked at microwaves for the new place. The house at one point had a built-in microwave (it has a hole cut for in that has power and everything) but at some point someone took it out and put a cabinet door over the whole to create more cabinet space. I don't want a microwave sitting out on my counter all of the time, so we are looking to build it in again. Because the house is older, we need to find a 24" microwave and trim kit set, which is not going to be cheap. We think we know what we want now and just need to figure out who has the best price on it. We bought our fridge and ovens at Rodenbaugh's and I think I will head up there tomorrow to see what their price looks like.

While we were out shopping today, we saw an undermount television on the clearance rack at Sear's and I am so excited about it! I love to watch Wheel of Fortune while I cook and now I'll be able to. It is a stainless undermount from Sony that will blend into our kitchen - yay!

Tomorrow I am also meeting with the painters we hired to go over the final details like colors and work schedule - so glad we are wrapping all of this up. I can't wait to be in the new house.

Countdown til Closing: 3 days
Countdown til Moving: 13 days

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