May 17, 2008

Three Strikes....

But we aren't out yet! Our third attempt was once again a failure, but we'll keep trying.

We made a reasonable offer that was above the comps in the neighborhood but not as high as list, and the owner of the home on Drumcliffe (who obviously lives in a hole) was offended. He refused to even counter.

I fail to comprehend how he could possibly value his un-updated home at $120/sqft when in the neighborhood other homes (of equal and some even a tad better updating) went for $100-115/sqft. Our offer, which equated to $110 a sqft, seems like an awfully reasonable starting off point to me. This is obviously God's not so vague way of telling us that we made an offer on the wrong house.

I just have to keep telling myself that the right one will come.

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