May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

It was so great having Casey home for three days with me! We had an incredible weekend together. Friday afternoon, we went out to our soon-to-be house to measure the appliances. Since we were up at Royal, we decided to stop at the new Studio Movie Grill at Royal and 75 and saw Indiana Jones. The movie was good but I really liked SMG - I had never been before and it is so neat. I wouldn't do it for dinner again beccause the food was only so-so but the ticket is pretty much the same price as Northpark. I would for sure go again and have someone bring me a drink and dessert.

On Saturday morning we went and bought a new fridge and oven (see previous post) and then went to a wedding. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Tristan and Maria Eager! We had so much fun at their wedding celebrating their marriage and love for each other. We went to another wedding on Sunday - Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. David and Rachel Goodman. Both weddings were beautiful and the love couples had radiated from their very being!

It is such a joy to celebrate the joy of our friends marriages. With those simple words - two truly become one. Every time we go to a wedding, we are reminded of all of the reasons we got married. Roughly 21 months into our marriage and we are still each others best friends, deepest confidantes, and biggest passion. Thank you Eagers and Goodmans for letting us share in your special day and reminding us of the joy that our marriage brings to us.

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