May 5, 2008

It's a Scary Scary World

As you can tell from my previous post, we are fairly serious about getting a house and have been asking God for a lot of guidance and wisdom over the past few days. Well, today we began the process of buying a home that needs some TLC. The outside is really cute, with an amazing big live oak tree in the front yard, and the inside has so much potential! Today, we called Susan, our realtor, and told her that we are ready to start the paperwork and put in a bid! Talking to the mortgage agent and getting things worked out has made this feel much more real - and the idea of writing that kind of check and then making monthly payments for 30 years to own it is really scary!

The house is listed at a price that compares better to some of the already remodeled homes in the neighborhood than it does to the other fixer-uppers so we are planning on making a pretty low bid. We are trusting that God is in control and if this is the home we are meant to have, the current owner (the grandson of the now deceased widow who lived in the home for years and years and years) will come to the table willing to negotiate. We love the neighborhood and the floorplan and really just can’t wait to start our home remodel!

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