May 16, 2008

House Update

We finished all of the paperwork and submitted an offer on Sesame Street today... only to find out about 15 minutes later that they had accepted an offer this morning!

So we quickly fell back to our second choice - Drumcliffe. We liked the house on Drumcliffe just as much, but Sesame Street was a better price (obviously since it sold so fast!)

We submitted an offer on Drumcliffe this evening and they have until Monday to respond - so it is waiting time. Even if Drumcliffe turns out to not be the house God has in mind for us, we have finally found the right neighborhood. (We started out looking all over Dallas, then narrowed to two neighborhoods one east of 75 and the other west of the tollway, then we decided we liked Lake Highlands best (the area east of 75), and now we have narrowed in even further on a neighborhood within Lake Highlands.) In the area we like, we found a few more houses that are potentials if Drumcliffe doesn't work out. Please keep up in your prayers!

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