May 15, 2008

Choice E

Today I gave Casey a multiple choice quiz with four choices (see post below) and he chose house number 5. We were driving between houses and drove past a foreclosure that I had previously looked at with Susan and thought was interesting. The house needed a lot of work but had good bones, a good floor plan, and a great price. And a great street name --- can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street.

When I looked at the house with Susan, I saw lots of work, but sitting in the car with Casey telling him of the (numerous) issues like missing appliances, torn out lights, rotted door woods, broken windows etc. he immediately said we had to look at it! So when we stopped at the next house on our tour we asked Susan if she would mind adding one more house to our list. She ever so graciously agreed.

As soon as Casey walked in to the living room of 11215 Sesame Street he loved it. He spread his arms out and repeatedly said this is great, this is great.

While the house needs work, it has incredible bones and we both think that with some sweat equity and love it can be a showstopper. We are putting in an offer -- but we will need lots of prayers! In this part of town foreclosures frequently end up selling for well above list and can take a really long time to close. We know that if this is the house that God wants us in, it will all work out. And if it isn't...

The Kitchen (with no appliances)

Breakfast Room

Second Living Room (Casey's Pool Table)


Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

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