Apr 29, 2008

House Hunting!

It's that time of year again. Our rent is up and Casey and I need to decide what to do. Last year I wanted to buy a home and so went out with a realtor and looked but Casey remained skeptical and thought the real estate market wasn't so good (and boy was he right!) After a few weeks of looking we decided we really liked our loft and so stayed put.

Well we just got a renewal notice from the complex and they want to raise our rent by $600 a month! That is absolutely crazy ridiculous - so here we go again in search of a place to live. I still want to buy a house and get a yard for Rory, a garage, more storage, just a place to call ours - and this time Casey is much more interested. He still views buying a house as a purely financial decision while I view it as partly a financial decision but also an emotional choice to find not just a house but a home.

Yesterday Jessica and I went a drove around and looked at a few of the homes on my favorites list (and crossed a few off the favorites list!) which was so much fun. I love to look at houses and imagine the people inside of them and the stories the house could tell. I called a realtor today and can't wait to get a call back and start trying to find a home sweet home!

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